January Disneyland Trip #1

Before I went back to work in January,  we went to Disneyland. We'd been going back and forth about it, and not only did we decide to go, we got season passes! It was a great day, not terribly crowded and Hudson was able to go on some rides he never had before. It took him a little while to warm up to them, but he ended up having a blast.

We rode the train. Always a favorite.

The highlight of Hudson's day was Autopia. Driving his own car was a dream come true for this little boy. His face says it all.

Hudson posed with Woody.

He was super cool with the goats.

 We saw Mater...

 and Lightning McQueen.

As well as Red, but Hudson was not a fan of his siren. 

 Hudson and Daddy did some bumper bugs. 

We hit up Small World a few times.

 And it turns out Hudson is a bit of a daredevil and love the flying rides. At the end of the day, Hudson and I went on Dumbo together. I'd say this ties for first with Autopia as far as Hudson's favorite rides go.

Even though I was 8 months pregnant, I did okay. We took the day slowly and when I felt like I needed to rest I did. Being there with my two favorite boys was the best!

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