Birth Story: Jayde Elizabeth

I never thought I'd make it to forty weeks pregnant. Hudson was two weeks early and I was certain my body would do the same thing, so the last two weeks were hard. I had an appointment on Wednesday, February 25th, the day after my due date, and explained to my doctor how my mom was arriving Friday, and I hoped to have the baby by then. He said, "Let's see if we can't help this labor along" and gave me a pelvic exam. He proceeded to strip my membranes and in the process my water broke. He said, "Congratulations, you've graduated" and just like that instructed me to head down to the hospital. 

I went home and didn't feel too rushed since contractions hadn't started, but I knew I needed to get there in a timely manner as I was GBS positive and needed to get started on antibiotics. 
I checked in around 1:00 in the afternoon. Still no contractions. When the midwife first checked me I was 3cm dilated, 80% effaced and -2 station. I was told they would give me until 6:00pm to see if my body started contracting on its own. I was told latest I could eat was 5:00. They started me on penicillin for the GBS infection, and man oh man did that sting as it entered my blood stream. At 5:00 they asked if I wanted to eat and I stupidly said no because I didn't feel hungry. BIG mistake, word of the wise, eat until you can't eat because it's unknown how long you'll be in labor and you're going to need the strength and nourishment when it's time to push. 

started feeling contractions pretty soon after pitocin started, and by 10:00pm I was feeling ready for the epidural. I was hoping I'd progressed to at least 4 or 5 cm dilated, but I was so disappointed to hear I was still at a 3! Are you kidding me? Four hours of contractions and I'm still a 3?! I was so frustrated I cried, but decided I'd go ahead with the epidural at that time, and thank goodness I did because in the hour and a half it took for them to get it to me things really changed. My contractions got much stronger and I went to 5/6cm dilated by the time I got the epidural. 

Unfortunately, it turns out, my body doesn't like epidurals. Just as it did with Hudson, my blood pressure dropped; therefore, Jayde was not getting the oxygen she needed and they could not detect her heartbeat, as it had slowed. They strapped an oxygen mask on me and rolled my body around trying to fix the problem (the same thing happened with Hudson). It took quite some time but eventually by lying on my right side, her heart rate recovered. I stayed on that side the reminder of the labor, but at that point these intense shivers set it. Oh man, those we're annoying! I felt like I was seizing they were so strong, but eventually they got better. 

Although the pain was gone, I never did get 100% numb and at some point I started feeling an intense and uncomfortable pressure that felt like I needed to go number two. I never felt that with Hudson so I told the nurse. I thought I literally needed to go, but she said it is a sign that I'm ready to push, but she said there's no way I was ready so soon as the midwife had just checked me 40 minutes earlier, but then she realized how uncomfortable I was, so she called in the midwife. I was 10cm dilated! The midwife had me push a few times, but I was still at station +3 and they decided to have me labor down a little longer. 

I'm not sure how much longer it was, but a little before 3:00 in the morning they came in to have me push. Turns out, the cord was wrapped around Jayde's body and head, and every time I pushed she pressed down on the cord and lost oxygen, as I continued to push it became clear that she was not recovering well. At that point the doctor came in and let me know my options. She said if it continued, they'd need to use the vac or I'd need a c-section. I tried my hardest to push her out but I ended up getting sick and threw up, rather dry heaved, few times and my energy was lost. I was sick and exhausted.

They decided to let me rest, but the entire time I was concentrating on not throwing up. I did not feel well at all. Forty minutes later, they came back in and as soon as I tried talking I threw up pretty good, but somehow getting it all out gave me the strength I needed. I felt better and was determined to push her out as quickly as possible to avoid other interventions, and that determination allowed me to push her out in 10 minutes. Having Nathan by my side coaching me through the process and letting me know he could see her was extremely helpful too. I looked to him for encouragement more than the nurses; he gave me strength. After her birth, they immediately placed her on my chest and I felt overwhelmed with love and relief.

She was born at 3:51am on Thursday, February 26th. She was 7.5 pounds and 19 inches long. 

After things had calmed down, the nurse confessed that my labor was a difficult one and they were very close to resolving to a c-section. I am so grateful for the medical professionals who know what they were doing and were able to help me bring Jayde into this world the way I wanted to.

I stayed in the hospital until Saturday, and I really enjoyed my stay. It was a very peaceful time. My mom came on Friday and stayed with me overnight while Nathan took care of Hudson. Nathan and Hudson went to and fro the hospital over the next few days. 

Jayde was diagnosed with jaundice the day I was discharged and needed to go home in a bili-blanket.

Going home

Hanging out in her bili-blanket.

I'm so happy she is here!

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  1. It's great that you recounted this wonderful experience in detail. Your little Jayde is adorable and I am so happy to have helped you out her first week at home. I love you and your adorable family


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