Losing the Baby Weight

As much as I told myself I'd keep my weight gain at a minimum and continue to go to the gym during my pregnancy, neither of those things happened. I ended up gaining more weight this pregnancy than with my first.

A few week postpardum, I was starting to feel very anxious about starting a fitness regime to get my body back, but I knew getting to the gym would be much more difficult, at least in the beginning. One night I was up late nursing Jayde, when the commercial for the 21 Day Fix came on TV. I loved it the minute I saw it and I knew it would be the program to kick start my post baby fitness journey. I ordered the program as soon as my doctor cleared me.

I'm now two week in and I am already seeing the benefits of this program. Being able to workout at home for only 30 minutes a day has been so easy, and I'm already losing weight and feeling more energized. I am loving Shakeology, which is a protein shake that come with the program that has numerous super-foods and vitamins and minerals. It also aids in weight loss. The meal plan and portion control containers that come with the program have really helped me get my eating back on track. There's no counting calories, which is great because I don't have time for that right now. The eating plan of this program really is genius!

Because I love the program so much, I decided to become a Beachbody coach so I can help and coach others in reaching their fitness goals. I'm excited about starting this journey.

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