My Thoughts on Home Workouts

I grew up doing home workouts, one in particular was Cindy Crawford's Shape Your Body workout DVD, eer, VHS (yes VHS). Anyone else other than my sisters remember that one? Am I the only one raising my hand? Yes? Come on, I think I'll always remember the music that goes along with it like Seal's, "But we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy crazy..." Still no one? Well, it's the best. Great 90s music, Cindy on the rooftops of skyscrapers in NYC doing chair swing-leg-lifts--classic & pretty epic. I  remember being a little preteen watching my older sisters do it in our living room and eventually I started doing it, and I did it into my early 20s. Loved it! Still do!

Over the years, I've done, rather tried, a handful of other home workouts, but nothing really impressed me, and I got into the mindset that I could only get a good workout at the gym. I mean the trainers on these DVDs can be annoying with their catch phrases, and hey, no one is watching you so why not cut out on the last rep, right? 

Before I started the 21 Day Fix, I did a lot of research. I watched videos, read blogs and really contemplated if I could/would do it. Soon it became clear that working out at home would be my only option for a while, and I wasn't going to put off getting in shape until getting to the gym got easier. The trainer for the 21 Day Fix is cool. I really like her. Her name is Autumn Calabrese and she's about my age and she just real and authentic. She's not over the top with cheesy catch phrases, yet she's motivational. 

Just like anything else, you have to decide. Decide how much you want it and just do it. Push yourself. It's possible to get just as good of a workout at home as it is in the gym but it all comes down to you and how much you put into it. How much you want it.

I'm by no means anti-gym. I love the gym. I miss the gym. The gym just doesn't fit into my life right now. One thing I loved about going to the gym was putting on my headphones, listening to my beats, and getting in the zone. Music helped pump me up and motivate me, but why not do the same thing at home? I did it yesterday. I put in my headphones, put on my favorite Pandora station and hammered out a solid workout while the kids napped. Maybe I'll even play a little Seal next time for old-time's sake. 

Your success with home workouts is up to you.

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