Thinking Outside the Cereal Box

Grocery shopping and meal planning, these are things most grown-up married women with children do. It sort of comes with the job description, right? Well, I confess, I have skimped on these mom/wife duties for a long time. Nathan and I realized very early on in our marriage that I'm not great at grocery shopping. In fact, I feel awkward and get anxiety in grocery stores. I'd rather pour myself a big bowl of cereal and avoid going altogether. So for most of our marriage, Nathan's been doing the shopping, and he's awesome at it. He knows what's actually a good deal, which stores are best for purchasing what, and all that super shopper savvy stuff, so I happily let him do it. But then, even though he's buy all this food, it would go bad because I had no idea what to cook with it, and so I'd pour myself a big bowl of cereal instead. 

But listen up people! Things are changing around here. I'm actually meal planning and grocery shopping. I know! I'm shocked too. I'm actually looking at the weekly ads and comparing prices and thinking about what I'll be eating for the week. And I'm actually going out and doing the shopping. Most people reading this are probably thinking, "Big whoop! This isn't a big deal." But it is for me. 

This is what I'm loving about the 21 Day Fix, not only am a building a stronger healthier body, but it's forcing me to step outside my comfort zone. It's forcing me to make healthy choices. It's allowing me to grow in ways I've been too lazy/afraid/confused to grown in.  And the most surprising part is, I'm starting to really enjoy it! I'm enjoying thinking outside the cereal box. 

Xoxo, Melody

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  2. I love that you are planning and preparing healthy meals. The meals look delish!


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