Melody's Moments

I decided to do weekly posts that recap my week. I know Instagram and Facebook often, but these will allow me to talk about my week in more detail. I will call them Melody's Moments. 

My Saddest Moment
Jayde had her two month wellness check up early this week which means she got her first round of vaccines. It's so hard to watch as my expecting baby realizes the piercing pain in her leg and her expression turns from calm, to shock, to tears, and just when she think it's over, it happens three more times. But I am a strong supporter of vaccinating children. My own aunt contacted polio a year before the vaccine was created, so if I can save my children from the pain she experienced in her life I will. I nursed Jayde after it was over and she forgot all about it. 

My "What did you say?" Moment
I've been taking the same route for my walks since Hudson was a baby, so I can't count how many times we've walked past this park with the turtles, but just this week Hudson determined that those aren't the turtles' tails, but that they are in fact pooping.

My Picture Perfect Moment
Nathan plays softball a few nights a week. His games always begin around 6 or 7:00 and there is just something about that time of day. The sunlight is just perfect and I was able to snap this sweet photo of me with my babies. Hudson wont always pose with me and I happy he did because I love the picture of the three of of.

My Spur of the Moment Moment
 On Friday, the computers were down at Nathan's work, which made it impossible to get anything accomplished, so he called me around 10:00 and said to get ready for Disneyland. I had no objections and scrambled to get us all ready in record time. I love Disney days. Having a pass has been so fun for spur of the moment trips like this. Jayde did fabulously on her first Disney day.

My It's too Quiet Moment
The other night Hudson was fresh out of the bath, I was finishing up nursing Jayde and suddenly I realized how quiet it was. I knew something strange was happening because Hudson's never quiet. I walked into Hudson room and saw him sitting in the corner of the bed with dark smudges all over his face and some sort of tube in his hand. He knew he'd done something he wasn't supposed to, you could just tell by the expression on his face. As I got closer I saw he had gotten a hold of one of my lip glosses and smudged it everywhere, on his face, arms, feet, the sheets. While I wasn't thrilled, he was proud of this his masterpiece

My Give Yourself Time Moment
I've been thinking a lot this week about how I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself to look a certain way so soon after having a baby, like I expect my body to bounce back to where it was before I got pregnant. I'm just one one of those women who look perfect after having a baby, so I decided this week to ease up on myself and I reminded myself that it will take time, and I need to just keep working toward my goal and not to give up. 

 My We Need a Better System Moment
 Nathan gets ready for work while I'm still asleep, so the night before he hangs up his clothes in our family room and get dressed out there so he wont disturb me. Well this is the result of a weeks worth of hangers. I get so busy I hardly notice them, then it's like all of a sudden we have a web of hangers exploding from the door. 

My I Don't Care What They Say Moment
They say don't sleep with your babies, but I do. Every night I start Jayde out in her own bed, which is right next time mine, but when she wakes for her night feeding, whichh can be anywhere between 1:30 and 3:30, I pull her into bed with me, feed her, and then we fall back to sleep and we sleep together for the rest of the night. I love waking up next to her, and every morning I admire her beauty and sweet face and I am grateful for this time, because she is only this little once.

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