Nathan's Graduation

After two and a half years he's finished. On May 30, 2015, Nathan graduated with his Master's Degree of Science in Educational Counseling. I'm so proud of him and so grateful for his dedication to his family, this program and the lives of young teens he met throughout it. I wrote a post about all this on Instsgram and I'm going to copy it here because it embodies everything I'm feeling.

I love him so much. Everything he does in his life is for the happiness of other people. He went to school to better his family's future. He got a degree that allows him to guide & help others. He truly has a desire in his heart to give back to those in need and to help the less fortunate because that's what he wishes someone would have done for him. You could say the odds were against him because of how he was raised and hardships he's endured. He could have easily allowed himself to believe he cannot achieve success (and he did for some time), but he has worked hard to move past the past; he has overcome his inner self-doubt and achieved success beyond what he believed was possible for himself. When I met him, I saw the man he is today. I always had faith in him. I knew he was destined to achieve great things. We are both excited about the future and what this masters degree will allow him to do.

Here are some pictures from that very special day. 

Nathan and his mom. She came from Utah to see him graduate. It meant a lot

We went to Chipotle afterward for lunch.

The following day we went to dinner with a few of Nathan's family members and I snapped some shoots of me & my babies. 

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  1. Congrats to Nathan!!. He has accomplished alot since you two got married (and you also). I hope he settles into a job he can excell at and enjoy!1


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