October 2015

It makes me kind of sad that I haven't blogged since July. Life gets so busy and with Facebook and Instagram I feel less of a need to blog, but what I like about blogging is I get to write about our happenings in more detail and post more pictures, so I am going to give it a go, and try to be more consistent about this.

I am going to get caught up by blogging about October. Early October, we visited my family in Texas over fall break. We had a great time. The weather was much nicer than the summer and we were able to do a few new things such as visit the State Fair of Texas. You know how they say everything's bigger in Texas? Well, this stand true for the fair. It seriously is huge, like the size if an amusement park huge. 
 Hudson had a grand 'ol time. He loves the little rides, especially the rides that go in circles. He could ride them all day.
 We ate the award winning fried carrot cake and fried queso pretzel balls. So good!  The best part of Texas is of course being with my family. My parents and my sisters and my nephews too.
 By coincidence, by cousin Holly and Aunt Joan were in Texas at the same time as us!

The rest of October was pretty usual. The kids just keep growing up and I am amazed by them everyday. Jayde's been eating solids for a few months now and has been so good about exploring and trying new flavors and textures. I am also trying to be better about introducing more things to her. With Hudson, I feel I kinda sucked at this. So far eveything's been great with her so far.
 We try to get out whenever we can and do fun things as a family. One of our favorite things is going down to Griffith Park and riding the train and the horses; and afterward we head over to Bob's Big Boy for a blue cheese salad, burger, and fries.

In late October, Nathan's friend had a birthday party for their son and Hudson loved playing at Scooter's Jungle.

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