Halloween 2015

I wasn't going to do the skeleton face again this Halloween, after all, it would be 3 years in a row; but I decided to do it again because I am at a new school and the staff and students haven't seen it yet. I decided to do a different design, though. I really like this one. I like the pretty side contrasted with the skeleton side. I call it "The Pretty Dead." 

My students loved it. Because one side looked normal, I sat at my desk so they could only see the normal side, and when I turned my head, they would flip. It was fun to shock them like that.
 On Friday night, Nathan and I attended a Halloween party. I was skeleton girl (obviously) and he was a stylish hipster complete with tattoos. I think he looks pretty hot.
On Halloween day, the same couple who threw the adult Halloween party the night before, had a little costume/dance party for the kids.
This year we carved a Jack-o-Lantern for the first time. It wasn't as picture perfect as I imagined and I was kinda over it pretty quickly. I didn't make pumpkin seeds, and I only carved one of the pumpkins. The best thing about it all was how Hudson would call them, "Jack-O-Learns."
A month or so prior to Halloween, I started asking Hudson what he wanted to be, and each and every time he'd say, "Pumpkin" with a bug smile on his face; so sure enough, that's what he was. I decided to make Jayde a pumpkin too and that they would be my pumpkin patch.
 Halloween night was trick-or-treated around a neighboring block and Hudson loved it. He got a kick out of all the decorations and he'd say, "Tick-or-treat-ing." He loved everyone's dogs and wasn't afraid of some of the creepiest decorations and costumes. Hudson didn't eat any of his candy, he didn't care to, he just like to look at it. He was proud of his loot (mommy ate it all, oops).

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