Christmas in Utah 2015

 We arrived in Utah Monday afternoon after stopping for the night in Mesquite. This was the first time we drove since Hudson was a baby. The kids were great. We are both so glad about that. Monday afternoon, we went over to Todd Krogh's house to meet his month old baby boy. 

On Tuesday, we woke up and it was snowing. We loved it! We went to Black Bear Diner which we like to do when it's cold outside. Hudson loved the snow and wanted to watch it fall. After brunch, we went shopping at the outlets. We didn't let the snow stop us. 

 That afternoon, we went on a search for snow boots, gloves, pants so that Hudson could really enjoy the snow. All he wanted to do was build a snowman. I made sure his dream came true and I build a pretty cute little snowman with him. I was amazed to,discover that rolling a ball of snow in the snow really does grow bigger and bigger like in the movies. Hudson also had fun playing with his cousins Lily and Avery.

 On Wednesday, we met up with my sister Serena who was also in Utah visiting her husband's side of the family. We go lunch at Zuppa's Cafe and then did some Christmas shopping. That night Nathan and I went to dinner at Chuck-A-Rama with Todd and Ashley Krogh.

 For Christmas Eve we headed up to beautiful Park City for lunch, window shopping and just to enjoy the festive snow and all. It was quite cold, only 17 degrees. We all bundled up and embraced the wintery wonderland that it is. That evening, we looked at the Christmas lights at Temple Square with the Kroghs. Afterward, we got Chinese food take-out, baked Santa some cookies, read the night before Christmas and spent time with family.

It was Jayde's first Christmas. Yay!

We had a white Christmas, which is what we hoped for. The snow started falling Christmas Eve night, and continued through the better part of the Christmas Day. It was peaceful and magical. Sadly, Christmas seemed to be over before it began, but it was nice. Hudson was thrilled that Santa left presents for him under the tree and that he ate the cookies we left for him. Santa knew exactly what Hudson wanted and gave him "cars and trains and cars and trains" as well as some underwear, socks, books and coloring books. 

After Jayde's nap, we went over to visit with the Kroghs, but in order to do that, Nathan needed to shovel the show blocking our car in.  I thought it was pretty manly to be honest. For Christmas Eve dinner, we enjoyed ham, mashed potatoes, our famous mac 'n cheese, green bean casserole and rolls. 

The trip went by quickly, but we are grateful we were able to visit Utah for Christmas.

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