I Finally have a Partner

Growing up, picking out the Christmas Tree and decorating it, was a whole thing. We loved it. It welcomed the holiday season like nothing else; but ever since I've been married, decorating the tree was a one-man, or woman job. Nathan loves having a tree and is always excited about getting one, but he prefers to buy it, set it up and then sit back. This year, though, I had a tree decorating partner, Hudson. He was a great fun a decorate with. He loved picking the ornaments and placing them on the tree, yes they were all around the base, but I took care of the top.  We decided to get a small tree this year and put it up on a table since Jayde is mobile and we don't want her grabbing at it and eating needles and all that. I quite like our little tree. I of course sipped my egg nogg as I decorated it which is something I have done doing since I was a little girl. Hudson even tried it, and he liked it. The tradition lives on.