November 2015

 November started out with Jayde developing a mysterious rash. I still am unsure what caused it, but I think it's because of the changing weather and her skin was dry. I've been moisturizing her more and giving her a bath every other night, and the rash hasn't returned so I'm glad.
We had Veterans Day off from work, so we had a fun family day.
 One of our favorite restaurants, Clifton's Cafeteria in downtown LA, reopened after renovations, and we enjoyed a going back down there and doing some shipping afterwards.
I got new glasses. They are clear and I love them. I love that they are so unique and different, and fun.

We squeezed in a Disneyland trip. Who doesn't love going to Disneyland during the holidays? We ate at out favorite restaurant, rode our favorite rides, and explored a few new ones too.
few days ago, I was feeling ambitious and thought it couldn't be that hard to cut Hudson's hair. I consider myself a pretty capable person, and after watching some YouTube videos, I got out the clippers and started buzzing the side of Hudson's head. I knew right away I goofed up, but with a huge chuck saved off the side of Hudson's head, I had to keep going. I buzzed all around the sides and the back of his head. Fully aware I had made a huge mistake, I decided to leave the top long and call up a professional to fix it; I knew it could still be saved. Thankfully @annamal44 was able to salvage what I had done and give Hudson the haircut I intended to give him. I can definitely say I leaned my lesson: I'm no hairstylist. I'll leave it to the professionals from now on. - See more at:
Baby Jayde turned 9 months old on Thanksgiving Day. We spent the evening with Chloe and her family. We enjoyed a delicious, traditional feats with all the classic desserts. Our tummies were full and that's what Thanksgiving is all about.

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  1. Looks like a happy Thanksgiving with you best friend

  2. Looks like a happy Thanksgiving with you best friend


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