The Christmas Train

We love going down to the train in Griffith Park; it's sort of a tradition for us, and it's even more exciting when it's decorated with Christmas lights. Hudson loved it! 

Nathan is great about making sure we do things as a family to create happy memoirs and fun experiences. I love that about him. We rode the train twice and each time Hudson was filled with joy. He loves giving the conductor his ticket and then running and choosing his seat on the train. 

Before the train we got dinner at Bob's Big Boy. It was on a Wednesday afternoon, so it wasn't crowded and it was peaceful. There was a waiter wearing a Santa Hat and Hudson kept staring at him because I think he thought he was he real Santa. Jayde also learned how to wave that day, as the waitress kept waving to her and she eventually mimicked them and waved back. 

It was a perfect family evening.