5 Year Refresh

Ever since returning from Utah, we have been working nonstop on the house. We are refinancing and needed to do a few updates before it got appraised.  We had our house painted a pretty gray with white trim. We also had new white gates put in. The exterior of our home looks so nice with Nathan's landscape design in the front yard. Our neighbor a few houses down, joked about how our house is putting others to shame.

Inside the home, we did all sorts of touching up, refinishing, cleaning, scrapping, rearranging, and hammering. Remodeling our mater bathroom had been on our to-do list for years, and we finally got around to it. I really love the end result. Our bathroom before was a dark hovel with old, ugly sliding shower doors, an old toilet, and a big boring mirror, and brown cabinets. I love how light and fresh it looks now.

We also redesigned the collages on our walls, but the biggest change is in our backyard. When Hudson was a baby, we had all the trees and plants taken out and we continuously put off landscaping it. I don't have a picture of the yard because it's not 100% finished, but I will when it's done.

We've lived on our home for 5 years now, so it's nice to have refreshed it, and it feels like new.

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