Remembering 2015

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2015 because it was a great year. It seems each month was full of joy and happiness.

 January: We soaked up the last few weeks as a family of three and took our boy to Disneyland a few times; once was to celebrate his 3rd birthday. Nathan and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. I also had a beautiful Paris themed baby shower thrown by my most wonderful friend Chloe.

February: Even though I was sure she'd come before her due date, Jayde proved me wrong and came two days after. Giving birth is the most amazing, painful, emotional, miraculous, life changing event I've experienced; and I am blessed to have done it twice. Jayde's birth was more difficult than Hudson's due to some complications, but I am so proud of myself and my strength to get her into this world naturally and quickly. I loved my hospital stay and having visits from Hudson and Nathan everyday while my mother stayed with me in the hospital room. There really was a peace the second time around for me. I had confidence in what I was doing and determination to do things differently. I welcomed the nighttime feedings and kept my cool in times of frustration. 

March: My world was consumed with adjusting to life as a mother of two. Seeing the close bond that quickly formed between Jayde and Hudson warmed my heart. Jayde proved to be the sweetest, most calm baby I could ask for. Toward the end of the month, I started to get out more by going on walks to the park. Nathan started a job as a Career Coach. His employer is College of the Canyons, but he works at our old high school where he meets with juniors and seniors and help them develop careers plans by researching their career interest to see if that career is compatible to their personality. He really loves it.

April: Easter was spent at my Aunt Pam's house. Hudson always has a grand 'ol time at her house. She raised three boys so she has all sorts of fun gadgets around. He went on a Easter egg hunt with his second cousin Claire.  Nathan's softball season started again, and I welcome the opportunity to get out of the house and watch him play. The evenings were always so beautiful. We were able to enroll Hudson in preschool, and he loved it. We are so glad we did that. His speech and social skills skyrocketed after we did. Nathan began work on our front yard. For months and months, it went unlanscaped and it's so nice to finally have a pretty front yard. I began working out and became a Beachbody coach which was a good little hobby while I was off work, it also got me motivated to workout again. Baby Jayde continued to grow and steal our hearts.

 May: This was a special month for Nathan because he completed his graduate degree and walked in his graduation. I am so proud of the hard work he has put into his education over the last few years to accomplish this. In May we also took another Disney day; this was Jayde's first time to the park and it went great. Of course, Hudson loved it too and went on all his favorite rides.

June: We spent the month traveling. We went to the beach a few times, once with my brother Brandon and his family.  We also took a trip to San Francisco. We were both a little unsure about doing the city with the kids, but Hudson thought it was a cool, fun city and Jayde was the perfect baby she is. We figured out a system to making it around the city smoothly. After San Francisco, we flew to Texas to visit my family. This was a fun trip because all the newly born babies were together for the first time. Jayde also received her baby blessing in Texas.

July: Jayde reached four months old, so it was time to sleep train her. I transitioned Hudson into a big kid bed finally and, on 4th of July of all nights, Jayde put herself to sleep for the fist time. She sleep trained so well. That's my girl! Our travels continued when we fly to Utah to visit Nathan's family. We didn't plan it this way, but we were up there for Pioneer Day and learned that this is a major holiday in Utah. It's practically bigger than the 4th of July. 

August: Hudson loves a good fair, so we went to the Ventura County Fair. It is very important to Nathan to create experiences for Hudson that we missed out on as kids. This is one of the reasons why we travel, go to the train, the zoo, Disneyland, the fair, etc. Jayde started eating solid foods in August and has gobbled up everything she's allowed to ever since. One big event for me is I went back to work after being on maternity leave for 6 months. It was the greatest opportunity for me to stay home with my babies those six months. I will always look back on that time as one of the best times of my life. Not only did I go back to work, but I started at a new school. I was interested in a change and a new experience and I transferred to Canyon High, another school in my district. While there are things I miss about my old school, it's been a good experience overall.

September: Jayde attended her first two baseball games in September. She was very simulated by all the commotion and noise, but she didn't cry once; in fact, I can say she enjoyed herself. Her personality was so evolved at this point. At the end of the month I celebrated my 33rd birthday with a dinner at Chi Chi's Pizza with my favorite people.

October: In early October, we flew to Texas to visit my family over Fall Break. It was a great trip. The weather was beautiful and we were able to do a few things we hadn't done while visiting before. We decided to make it a tradition to fly out there in October. For Halloween, I did my skeleton face again. I have to say, this was my best one yet. Jayde and Hudson were pumpkins--super cute pumpkins.

November: We were hit is sickness in November. Jayde broke out with a mysterious rash back to back at the beginning of the month; I developed a nasty cough and so did Hudson, but we were still able to enjoy ourselves. I got new clear glasses that I love, we had some family days eating out, going to the train, visiting the mall, going to Disneyland. Hudson got a cool haircut. Thanksgiving was spent with my friend Chloe.

December: It was all about making it through finals and enjoying Christmas in December. I was also able to get to the gym more consistently. Despite becoming a Beachbody coach on April, I found it hard to keep it up once I went back to work. We got a Christmas tree, watched tons of Christmas movies,  went to the park, rode the Christmas train in Burbank; but the big event was traveling to Utah for Christmas. We had a beautiful white Christmas. This year has been the most fun yet because Hudson truly understood what Christmas is.

Overall: We had a wonderful year of family, travel, transitions and accomplishments beginning with Jayde's birth in February and then Nathan finishing graduate school in May. We traveled to San Francisco, Utah and Texas. I started teaching at a new school and Nathan started a job he loves at our old high school. Hudson has matured so much this year and loves having a sibling. We've had a fun year. 2016 will surely be a blast too!

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