Half-up Top Knot

They say, "Do scary stuff." Well, today I did a hairstyle that scared me a little: the half-up top knot. I'd see it on other girls and thought how cute it looked, but you know when you do something for the first time and you think everyone is looking at you strange, like when you wear red lipstick for the first time? Well that was me today, I was concerned that everyone would know this was the first time I've done this hairstyle and that I felt a little insecure about it.

I almost took it down after second period, but decided to be confident in my decision; then at the end of fourth period, I had two girl stay after and tell how cute my hair looks. I confessed to them that I was a little unsure about it. They assured me that is looks "so cute." They were so sincere and sweet and encouraged me to keep doing it.

It was super easy to do and a great Friday workday hairstyle. I followed this girls cute tutorial video below as my guide: 

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