Hudson's Favorite Things Party

This weekend we were able to finally throw Hudson's 4th birthday party. He had so much fun. We got a bouncer and invited his best friends and the best part is, his friends parents are our friends, so it was a party for us too! 

We served all of Hudson's favorite things chickies (chicken nuggets), dizza (pizza), Walmart cookies (Oreos), and choco (chocolate milk), along with mac 'n cheese and breadsticks. We had chocolate cake per Hudson's request too.  

One of my favorite things was this picture display I created to display my favorite photos of Hudson throughout the years. 

One of my favorite parts of the party was singing "Happy Birthday" to Hudson. I was so cute to see all his friends gathered around him and so excited for him and he did an awesome job blowing out his candles. 

Hudson received so many wonderful and generous gifts. He has been playing with them all weekend.

It was perfect weather, and so fun to see Hudson excited about all of it. 

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