I'm Heading to the Beach this Weekend

You know those girl who look like they belong on the beach, like it's their home away from home? Well, that's not me. I always look a little crazy at the beach. My hair frizzes out, my skin burns quickly and the water scares me a little. 

This weekend I am heading to the beach. My parents will be visiting from Texas, so we are going to head down to Redondo Beach where my brother lives. We will spend the day in the sand and sun and pick up a little LBJs. As much as I love that we are able to have a beach day in February, I am realizing I am not prepared in a few ways. Here are a few things I need to get before the day arrives.

I am into black these days, and I am loving this peplum swimsuit. Even though Jayde is nearly a year old, I still have a ways to go before I will be sporting a two-piece, so I love this cute design that is also figure flattering, pair that with a simple cover-up, cute bow flip flops and I'm good. I of course need some cute sunnies and a hat to hide the frizzies that will inevitably take over my mane. I also love this practical tote that can hold all my goodies and will easily allow me to shake out the sand. What a perfect beach bag! 

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