Everyday Summer

After our return from Texas, we laid fairly low. There are always the usual post-trip responsibilities: laundry, gym cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. BUT... we still managed to get in some good family time. 

We have taken several trips down to the Griffith Park train. We like to get food while we are down that way, usually at Bod's Big Boy. We've spent summer evenings on the swings at twilight. We've swum in our kiddie pool and we've gone to the big pool. We've hit up the zoo in 100-degree weather and we've tried new restaurants in town with friends, and we've of course gone to our favorite staple restaurants as a family as well. 

 We've spent many a summer evening at the park watching daddy play softball. These are my favorite nights. I go to all the games that aren't too late for Jayde. The weather is always perfect and the sunset always beautiful. I have come to discover that Jayde is our little cheerleader. She loves to sit on the bench next to me like a big girl and clap and cheer daddy on. Hudson is usually off riding this scooter and making friends. 

These are the happiest days. 

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