Happy 4th of July from Utah

For the 4th of July, we headed up to Utah to spend it with our friends and family up there. On the way, we stopped in to see my cousin Holly and her cute little ranch. Her goat had recently given birth to the cutest, softest most lovable babies, and I just had to hold them and give them kisses. Jayde got to sit on a horse for the first time too, and she sat up there like she has done it a million times.  

As soon as we arrived at Nathan's mom's house, Hudson got to playing with his cousins, Lilly and Avery. They caused all sorts of mischief together, but they are all just stinking cute.

Trina, Nathan's sister, took Hudson to see The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. Hudson watched the cartoon and has all the figurines and the van himself, so it was a very exciting day for him. 

 During our time in Utah, we went to a few of our favorite restaurants including Chuck-a-Rama and La Hacienda, but we finally tried The Red Iguana in Salt Lake City. This is yet another place we saw featured on a show, so we looked forward to trying it along with their famous mole. Can I just say, I LOVED it. Nathan's burritos are pictured below swimming in the mole negro, but I didn't get a picture of my plate because I was too excited to eat it. It was a combination plate with an enchilada, tostada, chili Rellenos and a taco. I ate it all (with Nathan's help). We will definitely go back.

 4th of July was fun! We ate so much good food including bacon wrapped hot dogs, ribs, corn, asparagus, mac n' cheese, and watermelon. 

4th of July night was nuts. It sounded like a war zone with all the fireworks going off. Fireworks are legal in Utah, so everyone sets off their own. Nathan bought a ton of fireworks for us. We had a few old friends come over to celebrate and afterward, we enjoyed some ice-cream cones. 

We are currently looking forward to our last and final trip to San Francisco before school starts again. 

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  1. Looks like a fun and yummy time. But Nathan's burrito in mol sauce look gross.


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