How We Do a Dodger Game

The other day, we went to a Dodger game. It was a 4:00 game, so it was hot and we had both the kids; but Nathan had it all planned out. First, we knew we wouldn't be able to stay the whole time, not with our munchkins, therefore, we didn't want to spend a lot on expensive seats, so Nathan purchased $4 tickets on There's no guilt leaving early when you've only spent $4 per ticket. Right? Second, to beat the heat, we sat all the way up in the cheap seats on the side where the sun was behind us. There was actually a nice breeze streaming through the bleachers, so it was great. Third, to prevent the kids from getting bored quickly, we sat in the cheap seats where there is always a little extra room for Hudson to play up and down the aisle a little. 

We ended leaving in the 6th inning because the kids had had enough, plus we were hungry. We headed down the hill to Philippe's. I missed this place bad. We hadn't been there since before Jayde was born. It was so good to go back. We got double dipped beef sandwiches which chili, Fritos and a Coke.  We also got a shot of Nathan with both the kids because we had one of just him and Hudson from a few years back, but things have changed since then. 

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