Our Summer Visit to Texas

Our summer seems to be flying by, but we've made the most of it so far by taking some fun trips. The first trip we took was to Texas to visit family. This trip was full of swimming, BBQ, family and humidity. Basically, once we arrived, Hudson and Jayde were in my mom's pool. I was so surprised to find out that Jayde is a little fishy! She absolutely LOVES swimming. I could barely keep up with her as she kept trying to get in the deep end.  

For dinner the first night, we went to Babe's Chicken Dinner House. You guy! If you ever go to Texas, you MUST go here. They have the best fried chicken and the sides are so delicious and consist of creamed corn, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, biscuits, and a salad with a dressing that is basically sugar, but so good! We took our traditional stroll on the train tracks and Nathan and Hudson took their yearly father and son photo.


The next day we headed down to Austin. We spent a few days there so we could explore it a little more because we really liked it when we went down there last time. On our first day, we went to LA Barbecue for lunch. It is a highly rated food truck nestled in a little neighborhood with other eclectic food trucks. I really enjoyed their brisket. The bark on it was my favorite part. 

After exploring Austin a little and relaxing in our hotel we went out for dinner. We went to an Italian Deli for pizza. We loved the atmosphere of this place. People from the neighboring homes walked over with their dogs and socialized outside under the lighted trees. There was a little birthday party going on. Everyone was happy and friendly. The pizza and cake we got were yummy too. We will definitely go back.  

The next morning we woke up and went to a little country fair ground that has been open for over 30 years. The rides were rusty and rickety but so appropriate. Hudson had fun jumping from ride to ride and Nathan and I even jumped on a few with him. When Jayde woke up she found the ferris wheel a delight. 

We would have loved to get BBQ at Franklin's, but it was sold out when we got there which is a daily occurrence due to its popularity. 

We decided to head down to Lockhart which is a well known BBQ town. We went to Black's BBQ which I have to say is the most honky tonk place I've been but so fun. Jayde loved all the taxidermy, but it grossed me out a little. The food was good though!

We saw the highest highway speed limit ever on the way to Lockhart. Nathan couldn't bring himself to go that fast.

On last night in Austin, we did a little bowling and got burgers from Lebowski's Grill. 

The next morning we headed back up to Fort Worth and on the way we stopped at Roundrock Donuts. We had seen this place on a Food Network show some years back and we thought it would be fun to check it out. They are famous for their huge donuts. 

The rest of the trip was spent with my family. We swam, shopped, played games, went to our favorite BBQ at the Stockyards, and we looked at the horses. Jayde was trying so hard to get into the stable to see the hoses. Looking at them from behind the bars wasn't good enough for her. 


I'm always grateful when I get to go see my family in Texas. 

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