Pink Everything

My sister texted me: "So what's up with this pink hair situation?" She said she had never pegged me as an unusual hair color type person, and I'll be honest, neither did I.

Pink was always one of my favorite colors. It was my wedding color in fact, but having pink hair never entered my mind, that is, not until this weekend.

I had a hair appointment set for Saturday, and per the usual, I went on Pinterest Friday night for some inspiration. Actually, my appointment was for another Brazillian blowout, but I decided to take a look at hair color for fun.

One thing let to another, and I started pinning pictures of pink hair, and all of the sudden having pink hair seemed totally normal. I did a fun little poll on Facebook with some pictures-- Pink Hair: Yes or NO? Surprisingly, my friends were encouraging it (except my mom. Her response was a big NO WAY! But that's to be expected from our moms right?) Truthfully, it was just a fun idea, but when I brought it up to Nathan he didn't reject the idea, in fact he even supported it, so if Nathan, who is my voice of reason, supports it then just maybe I could do it.

I started chatting with my hairdresser, and she explained what we would need to do to get my hair there, and how it would fade quickly, and what the process would be like, and I decided to go for it!

My hairdresser is so talented. First, she gave me a heavy balayage all over making most of my hair fairly blonde so that it will soak up the pink. Second, she put in some toner to take up the brassiness, and finally she put on the pink. With the first stroke of pink, she said, "No going back now!" I was nervous but excited. To get this color, she mixed magenta with pink to make it a little darker so that the pink won't wash out as quickly. I think she made it the perfect shade of pink to match my skin tone. I think it will look even prettier when if fades to a light pink.

I have been loving it. I don't deny that it is different, and people probably look at me more because of it, but I am glad I did it. It is daring, fun, edgy and pretty. And guess what, even my mom likes it.

My hairdresser's name is Natalie and she works at Pricilla's in Valencia, Ca.

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