My Halloween 2017 Makeup Line-up

Last year, I wanted to do so many Halloween looks, but with working and my time being tied up with other things, I couldn't; so this year I had no excuse and I took full advantage of my time home and had so much fun! I wanted to recreate some of my favorite looks from Pinterest and YouTube but with all SeneGence products. Mission accomplished!

My werewolf look was created with a whole bunch of Garnet and Onyx ShadowSense. I actually glued my eyebrow hairs up with a glue stick which is something I have seen done, but this was my first time doing it. It allowed me to give my eyebrows a more animalistic look. I covered up the part of my brow that curves down with some translucid powder to camouflage them. I used a whole bunch of white concelaer through the center and high points on my face to make it look more hightened. On my lips, I have Hazelnut and Cocoa LipSense. I love that my natural eye color just works for a werewolf too because I have so much yellow/amber tones in my eyes-- very werewolf like I feel. Also, look at my hair...ears...right? I am so clever...haha! 

Frankenstein was my first look. I loved this one too. The night before I couldn't sleep because I was so excited to do it. I used Mystic Moss ShadowSense all over my face and neck to make it green. On my eyes, I used Garnet, Amythist and Onyx ShadowSense. I am not terribly pleased with the stitching. I could have put more time into them, but you get the point. T.E.A.M. Wicked LipSense is on my lips. 

The Devil was another look that I was so excited to do. I saw a similar look somewhere, but since we don't have a truly red product besides LipSense in our product line I wasn't sure what I would use, but then Cherry BlushSense popped into my head and then I decided to go for it. It turned out pretty good. For the rest of the look I used Garnet Onyx, Gold Shimmer ShadowSense and I wore Blackberry LipSense on my lips. 

My all-time favorite look to do at Halloween time is a skull. I have done a different one for the last 6 years and this one is one of my favorite. It is just like a whisper of a skeleton or like a hologram. I love that it is soft and glamorous. I created this look with Snow, Onyx and Garnet ShadowSense and I have Fly Girl LipSense on my lips. 

The Broken Dolly was such a fun look to do. I started by mixing my foundation with a white concealer to lighten it up to give me more of a porcelain complexion. I put on a whole bunch of Pink Berry BlushSense since dollies have a ton of blush. The large crack is done with Onyx ShadowSense and the small ones are Black EyeSense eyeliner, and per the request of my children, I added "blood" around the cracks with a mixture of Mulled Wine and Fly Girl LipSense

Finally, I did one lip art look. This bird look was done with all Blackberry LipSense. 

 I had a ton of fun this year with all these looks and I am looking forward to next Halloween!

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