3 Things I Learned to Help with Homework Time

At first glance, this might look like a bunch of numbers and shapes and not make much sense at all, but what it represents is so dear to me. These numbers and shapes that Hudson drew on a random price of cardboard that came in one of my packages symbolized his growth over the school year.

Let's just say the school year started out rough. Homework with Hudson was a struggle. Let's just say it wasn't the greatest mother-son time. In the beginning, we struggled to even complete a full packet of homework. Hudson complained the whole time and my patience was short. Hudson thrives off routine and homework just wasn't part of his routine. Over time I realized a few strategies that have helped up make homework time a much less fr

Let Him Play
I don't make Hudson do his homework right away upon returning home. I allow him to eat a snack and play. He usually vegges on the couch for a little while and then plays outside. If I were to make him sit down for another 1/2 hour of essential school once he gets home I would get nothing but push back. Therefore, I give Hudson a good hour and a half of play time before homework time.

Be an Example of Sticking to the Task
When I am sitting down to do homework with Hudson I need to be just as focused as I expect him to be. If I am on my phone are computer during homework time, then Hudson will be distracted too. I need to set the example of sticking to the task at hand if I expect Hudson to as well.

Recognize His Strengths
Over time, I learned what subjects Hudson is good at/enjoys and which are more challenging. Knowing this allows me to guide him through the packet in a more strategic way. When I recognize that he is getting frustrated or struggling we can skip to an assignment he will find more enjoyable. I usually also mix it up. We will begin at the front of the packet which is always the language work (Hudson's least favorite). After completing an assignment or two, we skip to the end of the packet to do some math (Hudson's better subject) or we will do one of the coloring assignments. I find breaking the packet up and jumping around to different types of activities and subjects is more stimulating for Hudson. We usually save the work that required cutting and gluing for Thursday night because it is easy and Hudson is usually burned out by then. I like being able to tell him it's "just cutting" because he is much more willing to come in and do it knowing that.

So back to the picture...a few weeks ago I found Hudson on his bed practicing math all on his own, and I was so proud of him. He was drawing circles and writing the number below and adding up the total. It assured me that Hudson's going to be alright. School may not always we as simple as 1,2,3 with Hudson, but he is growing and learning and finding some fun in academics.

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